FEROXII NATURALS - Drene’s Hair Shampoo - 250ml

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Drene’s Hair Shampoo, is a treatment shampoo to promote and restore hair growth naturally.

The shampoo assists to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT, inhibiting DHT’s ability to bind to cellular receptors and constrict the follicles, and once the DHT level in the scalp is decreased, the cycle of hair loss is halted, allowing new hair growth to resume.

Assist in the restore the moisture balance to the hair and scalp, eliminates clogged hair follicles by dissolving dead skin cells and saturates the follicles with nutrition needed to promote blood flow to the scalp, so dormant follicles begin producing healthy hair once again.

Please note – hair store process will take at least 2 – 3 month, depending on extend of the problem.  Substantial improvement well after 6-12 months of use.

Also know for it’s skin renewing and healing properties and can assist with – psoriosis, excema, pimples, lice, hair loss, athlete’s foot, fungus on head and the body.

For best results – wet hair and apply a small amount of shampoos to the palm of hand, massage gently into hair and scalp.  Leave on hair and scalp for a period of 10mins, then rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed.