Our Story

Welcome to ONE LIFE, our family-owned health store, where we have been dedicated to providing high-quality health supplements for the past 21 years.

Our mission is to help individuals lead a healthier and happier life, by offering the best products on the market.

ONE LIFE was founded in 1996, when a family gained victory over their son’s health issues. He was constantly ill, and was prescribed antibiotics on a monthly basis. After researching alternative treatments for their son's condition, the family discovered the ultimate solution in herbal & natural supplementation. The establishment of the health store was a way to pay the blessing forward, to benefit & enhance the lives of one and all.

Over the years, we have carefully selected a wide range of products that are manufactured by trusted brands and backed by research.

From vitamins and minerals, to herbal supplements and superfoods, we offer a comprehensive collection of products that offer a holistic approach to health & wellness.

We are passionate about helping people improve their health, and we believe that the key to achieving this lies in educating our customers.
For this reason, we offer free health consultations and provide detailed information on all of our products, to enable you to make an informed decision about what’s best for you.

We strive to make shopping both online and in our store a unique experience, and we are continuously evolving to serve your health & wellness.

Thank you for choosing our health store.

This is your first step to a healthier & happier life, with us at ONE LIFE!