MEDICO HERBS - Omega 3 Pet 60 X 1000mg

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Improve Your Pet's Overall Health

Suitable For Dogs, Cats, And Horses Medico Herbs Pet Omega-3 Is An Exceptionally Pure, Fresh Source Of The Important Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Each Capsule Contains 1000mg Of Fish Oil With 120mg Dha And 180mg Epa. It Comes In An Easy-To-Administer Capsule Without A Strong Fishy Smell Or Taste.

What Is Omega 3 Pet Used For?
Omega 3 Pet Is Used To Support The Heart, Vision, And Healthy Joints, Providing Important Nutrients To Support The Immune System And Nourish The Skin And Coat. Also Used For Treating Allergies In Pets And Treats Kidney Disease, Elevated Cholesterol, And Arthritis Omega 3 For Pets Fatty Acids Can Make A Pet's Coat Thicker And Glossier. It Is Often Used To Treat Dry, Dull Skin And Brittle Fur.

Immune Booster
Improves Skin And Coat
Reduce Bone And Joint Inflammation
Cardiovascular Functions And Breathing
Lowers Cholesterol Levels Other Potential Health Benefits Of Fatty Acid Supplementation Include:
Allergies May Prevent Allergies From Developing Among Young Animals In Response To Inhaled Substances Like Mold Or Pollen, As Well As Treating Skin Conditions Caused By Allergies, Such As Military Dermatitis And Eosinophilic Granulomas.
Arthritis Helps Reduce Inflammation.
Autoimmune Conditions Lessen Harmful Effects On The Body.
Cancer Omega-3 Slows The Development Of Certain Cancers.
Cholesterol Decreases Cholesterol Levels Reducing The Risk Of Heart Disease.
Eye Aids Proper Development Of Visual Cortex And Retinas.
Kidney Disease May Help Prevent Or Slow Progression.

Herbal Ingredients
Each Omega 3 Capsule Contains Epa (Eicosepentaenoic Acid) 180mg Dha (Docosahexanoic Acid) 120mg Other Ingredients: (Capsule Shell) Gelatin Glycerol (As A Natural Preservative) Vitamin E: D-Alpha-Tocopherol.

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