MEDICO HERBS - Pet Bone & Muscle Spray 50ml

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Vendor: Medico Herbs SKU: 6009677680212
These Herbs Are Traditionally Used For:

* Inflammations * Infections Of The Muscular & Skeletal Systems * It Breaks Down Uric Acid * Acts As A Diuretic To Help With The Removal Of Excess Fluids Without Robbing The Body From Its Calcium Levels * It Strengthens The Kidneys * Detoxifies The Body & Contains All The Minerals Essential For Bone Formation. * Acts As A Relaxing Nervine That Brings Mild Pain Relief This Product Is 100% Natural And Does Not Contain Any Chemicals. Best For Dogs, Cats, Horses, And Other Animals.

Dosage: Shake Well Before Use. * Small Dogs & Cats: 1 Spray Once Or Twice Per Day * Medium Size Dogs: 2 Sprays Once Or Twice Per Day * Large Dogs: 3 Sprays Once Or Twice Per Day * Larger Animals Including Horses: 4 - 5 Sprays Once Or Twice Per Day


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