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桂枝汤 / Gui Zhi Tang

Cinnamon Formula was recorded in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” published 1900 years ago. Chinese Medicine believes that the harmonization of the Ying and Wei Qi is the basis of the body’s resistance to exogenous pathogen Evil. “Ying” is a substance that nourishes Wei Qi, which belongs to Yin; “Wei Qi” refers to the Defence Qi of the body’s surface to resist the invasion of external Evils and belongs to Yang. Wei Qi depends on the nourishment of Ying; Ying depends on the warmth and promotion of Qi. If the Ying and the Wei Qi do not reconcile, it will cause various diseases. Modern clinics are used to treating a variety of conditions caused by the disharmony between the Ying and the Wei Qi. For example: improving immune function, easy to suffer from cold, hay fever, or allergic asthma sees clear sputum; sweating, the abnormal fear of wind, urticaria, itchy skin rashes, winter dermatitis, frostbite.

Cinnamon Formula is a classic recipe for reconciling Ying and Wei Qi. The Shang Dynasty minister Yi Yin prepared Cinnamon Formula, which was included in Zhang Zhong Jing’s “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”. Yi Yin was a brilliant chef. He summed up his previous experience of using herbal medicine to cure diseases and combined it with cooking techniques to create Cinnamon Formula. The main ingredients of cinnamon, ginger, liquorice, and jujube are still commonly used in the kitchen as seasoning. According to the traditional concept of clinical application, the main points of differentiation to use Cinnamon Formula are the aversion to Wind, fever, sweating and slow pulse. Moreover, Cinnamon Formula excellent results for different kind of allergies.

Contra-indicated in pregnancy (max. 3 days, normal dosage).



The famous modern doctor Liu Duzhou’s medical case: “Male, 39 years old. The left half of the body often sweats, but the right half of the body has no sweat. Diagnosed as a disharmony between Yin and Yang and the blood is not balanced. Treatment with 3 doses of Cinnamon Formula to reconcile Ying and Wei Qi, Yin and Yang.