Fulfixer - 90 Capsules

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  • Increased energy
  • 50% reduction in recovery time for athletes and bodybuilders
  • Elimination of brain fog, increased clarity of thought and increased concentration
  • Accelerated healing from injury, accelerated recovery from sickness and ailments
  • Improved circulation and many others

Ironically, most people realise how good they felt on Fulvic Acid when for some reason they stop taking it for a while.


Proprietary Fulvic Acid composite (PER DAILY DOSE)

40% Water-soluble carbon*
30% Fulvic Acid*
24,5% Ash*
3,5% Calcium
2% Moisture*
Natural mineral-rich powder containing 450mg Fulvic Acid

* Daily values not established
Research supports Fulvic Acid transports nutrients into cells, cleans & refurbishes cells to optimal efficiency.

Does not contain dairy, wheat, corn, gluten, yeast, rice, salt, sugar or soy.
No artificial flavours or colourants. No GMO. Preservative-free.
Shelf temperature stable.

D 34.13 Other (Health Supplement)

This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.


Directions for Use:

3 capsules per day for all ages (preferably in the morning or before mid-afternoon)
Each Capsule contains 150mg Fulvic Acid so 3 capsules per day = 450mg
Safe and beneficial for all ages.


Disclaimer: FLORISH Spore Probiotic Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid is a natural probiotic food supplement, therefore no medical claims are made or inferred, no claims regarding ameliorating, curing or positively affecting any medical conditions, the above content provided for informational purposes based on information and studies undertaken by numerous progressive and leading probiotic manufacturers worldwide.

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