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Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) Is An Activated Form Of B3 And Is A Highly Bioavailable Nucleotide. NMN Is The Precursor To Nad+ Which Increases The Body'sMain Energy Currency (Atp), Balances The Circadian Rhythm, And Enables Hundreds Of Enzymatic Reactions – Many Of Which Delay Ageing. Nad+ Levels Naturally Decline With Age, Slowing Down The Speed And Accuracy Of DNA Repair, And Impairing Energy Utilization Capabilities At The Cellular Level. By Boosting Nad+ Levels, NMN Helps Combat These Age-Related Symptoms, Promoting Healthy Ageing And Longevity. NMN Will Help You To Operate At Your Fullest Potential, Keeping You On Track Towards A Longer And Stronger Life.

Β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide 250mg Per Capsule
Contains Gelatine, Sugar Free, Preservative Free

Directions for Use:
Dosage: Adults Take Two To Four [2-4] Capsules Orally Once [1] Daily After Meals. Do Not Exceed 1000mg Or Four [4] Capsules Per Day. Not Suitable For Children.Consult A Relevant Health Care Provider Prior To Use, Especially If You: Are Pregnant Or Breastfeeding; Are Taking Prescription Medication, As NMN May Alter The Effectiveness Of These Medications; And/Or Have Hormone Sensitive Conditions. For Prolonged Use, Consult A Relevant Health Care Provider.


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