CILO CYBIN LABS - Resveratrol 30 000mg 60 Capsules

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Resveratrol Is A Naturally Occurring Compound Found In Plants. It Is Considered A Polyphenol Which Means It'sA Category Of Plants That Offers Many Benefits To Us. These Polyphenols Protect The Plant From Harmful Stressors And Is Produced When The Plant Gets Stressed By Fungal Infections Or Insects. Resveratrol Allows For The Plant To Defend And Recover. These Incredible Effects Can Be Passed Onto You When You Take Resveratrol.

Reynoutria Japonica (Polygonum Cuspidatum) 250mg Per Capsule

Contains Gelatine, Sugar Free, Preservative Free

Directions for Use:
Dosage: Adults Take Two To Four [2-4] Capsules Orally Once [1] Daily After Meals. Do Not Exceed 1000mg Or Four [4] Capsules Per Day. Not Suitable For Children.Consult A Relevant Health Care Provider Prior To Use, Especially If You: Are Pregnant Or Breastfeeding; Are Taking Prescription Medication, As NMN May Alter The Effectiveness Of These Medications; And/Or Have Hormone Sensitive Conditions. For Prolonged Use, Consult A Relevant Health Care Provider.


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