CHINAHERB - Osteo-Well Zhuang Yao Pian - 60 Tablets

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壮腰健肾片 / Zhuang Yao Jian Shen Pian

Treats the following symptoms:

Chinese medicine believes that the waist is the palace of the Kidneys. If Kidney Qi is deficient, chronic low back pain will occur and the waist and knees will be sore and weak. Zhuang Yao Pian nourishes the Kidneys, strengthens the muscles and strengthens the bones. It is used for chronic waist, leg or joint pain caused by a Deficiency of Kidney Qi. It is commonly seen in elderly people who are weak and have pain in the waist, legs and shoulders, senile lumbocrural pain, and it’s also used for osteoporosis and bursitis.


Typical symptoms:

chronic pain, fatigue, fever, joint pain, loss of energy

Disease description:

Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease that can lead to damage to the joint surfaces. Besides bacteria, other infections in the body, a hereditary predisposition, as well as autoimmune processes can play a central role in the development of the disease. The inflammatory processes cause not only pain but also swelling of the joint, overheating and reddening of the skin in the area and joint effusion. In the beginning, symptoms show maybe morning stiffness, fatigue, exhaustion, fever, loss of appetite. In acute arthritis, the joint inflammation occurs very suddenly, while chronic arthritis is a protracted joint disease. Over time, there may be progressive destruction of the joint, which limits mobility and can lead to and joint deformation.

Explanation according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Arthritis belongs to Bi Syndrome in Chinese medicine, which is caused by Qi and Blood obstruction in Meridian. The causes of Meridian obstruction are Wind, Cold, Dampness or Heat Evil.

Possible syndromes causing these problems:

Wind, Cold and Damp Invasion with Deficiency (often seen in older people)

When Wind, Cold and Damp invade individuals with Liver, Kidney, Qi and Blood Deficiency, there might be chronic pain, stiffness and a feeling of cold in the lower back, knees, joints, difficult movement, soreness, numbness.

Better for warmth, worse with damp cold.

Recommended formulas to use:

Damp-Heat (often seen in younger people)

Wind, Cold and Damp pathogens can turn into Heat in the Interior and give rise to Heat Bi, especially when there is underlying Yin Deficiency. The patient experience acute severe pain, limited movement, heat in the joints (which feel hot to the touch), red, swollen joints.

Worse with red meat or drinking alcohol.

Recommended formulas to use:

Kidney Qi Deficiency (often seen in older patients)

Deficiency of Kidney Qi and Essence fails to nourish the lumbar area, causing chronic pain and stiffness, sore, weak lower back and knees. Bursitis around joints (Knee, shoulder, ligaments).

Better for pressure.
Formula to use: Zhuang Yao Pian

A weak body cant fight cold attacks, leading to severe pain:
Combine with Formula: Relieve Bi

Recommended formulas to use: