BUTTANUT - Vanilla Almond Milk - 350ml

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Summer dreaming in vanilla skies - This milkie will give you all the sunny feels. Earthy almonds, sweet oats and floral vanilla combine to create this darling treat.
Serve chilled with shades on, baby.

Ingredients: Water, gluten-free oats (6.5%), almonds (3%), salt, calcium carbonate, tricalcium citrate, acidity regulator (potassium citrate), vanilla powder, flavouring. 

Flavouring Disclosure
Our current heat-based sterilization method presents a challenge to any subtle, natural flavours and colours. In addition to the natural vanilla pod in this product, we found that we needed to add additional flavouring.

It was not a decision taken lightly as ButtaNutt has only ever included natural ingredients, avoided using any stabilizers, colourants and gums, and we would like to be fully transparent with you about its inclusion. The flavouring is a safe food additive that is approved by the EU and US FDA and Non-GMO, but acknowledge it would not be our first choice, and might not be yours either.

As soon as our production equipment and processes allows a change, we’ll update our formulation.