SOARING FREE SUPERFOODS - Maca Xpresso, Organic 77g

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A Concentrated adaptogenic Black Maca Extract for performance enhancement.
Maca Xpresso is 100% dried black maca chips infused with 10:1 concentrated maca extract. The unique cold extraction process concentrates all the essential nutrients, making them more bioavailable for effective absorption. This product uses only traditionally grown, highest quality maca roots from the Juni_n Plateau (where is originally comes from), which have been show to have retained their adaptogenic properties, unlike some of the inferior conventionally-grown GMO versions now being farmed outside South America due to the increased international demand for maca.

Unique Benefits :
Natural and effective performance enhancement
Stimulates the libido for enhanced virility and stamina
Used as sports enhancer for stamina and endurance
Nature’s aphrodisiac
Potent adaptogen that supports healthy hormonal functioning and supports the body to combat the negative effects of stress
Combats stress and fatigue

How To Use:
Maintenance: 1 - 2 teaspoons daily
Performance Enhancement: up to 1 tablespoon

Ingredients: 100% pure dried black maca chips & infused with 10:1 concentrated maca extract