BIOMAX® - Biomax® Vitamin C Liposomal 60 Capsules

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Products Highlights:
L-Ascorbic Acid In The Form Of Quali®-C
From Scotland
Liposomal Delivery For Increased Bioavailability
Enriched With Phospholipids That Protects The Digestive System
Extended Active Life –
Minimises Multiple Doses Per Day
Clinically Proven Efficacy
No Buffer Required
Non-Acidic, Gentle, And Gut-Friendly
Lowest Carbon Footprint Vitamin C –
59 % Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Contributes To Normal Energy- Yielding Metabolism
Contributes To Normal Functioning
Of The Nervous System
Contributes To Normal Psychological Function
Contributes To The Normal Function
Of The Immune System
Contributes To The Protection
Of Cells From Oxidative Stress
Contributes To The Reduction Of Tiredness And Fatigue
Contributes To Iron Absorption From Food
Helps To Metabolise Fats And Proteins
Helps In The Development And Maintenance
Of Bones, Cartilage, Teeth And Gums
Helps In Connective Tissue Formation
Helps In Wound Healing
An Antioxidant For The Maintenance Of Good Health

  • Vitamin C Is One Of The Most Widely Recognized And Used Antioxidants In The World. It Plays A Critical Role In Helping The Immune System, Joints And Arteries To Heal And Function Properly. Liposomal Vitamin C Makes Use Of Patented Technology That Encapsulates The Vitamin C Molecules In Liposomal Microspheres – Made From Essential Phospholipids – Which Protect The Vitamin C From Destruction In The Digestive System And Ensure Rapid Delivery Into Your Bloodstream. It Is A Gentle, Gut Friendly Vitamin C With Enhanced Bioavailability In Capsule Form. This Formulation Is Suitable For Diabetics And Vegetarians And Supports Paleo, Zone And Vegan Diets And Is Free From Sugar, Soya, Gluten, Preservatives And Artificial Additives.
  • Supports A Healthy Immune System
  • Promotes Optimal Overall Health
  • Liposome-Encapsulated Vitamin C Is The First Choice Of People Who Really Understand Bioavailability And The Importance Of High-Dose Vitamin C. Other Forms Of Vitamin C Succumb To Absorption Barriers That Vastly Limit The Amount Of Vitamin C Available To Enter The Bloodstream. Gentle And Non-Acidic For Sensitive Stomachs, Liposomal Vitamin C Crashes Through These Barriers To Get High-Potency Vitamin C Where You Need It Most: Your Cells.
Not Only Do You Get All The Benefits Of Vitamin C, But You Also Help To Satisfy The Body'sEver-Growing Need For Essential Phospholipids – Including Phosphatidylcholine (Pc), One Of The Most Important Phospholipids Required For Maintaining A Healthy Cardiovascular, Reproductive, Immune And Nervous System

Each Capsule Contains:
Liposomal Vitamin C 730 mg

(500 mg Quali-C® L-Ascorbic Acid, 230 mg Phosphatidylcholine Complex)

Other Ingredients Are Silica And Organic Nu-Rice® In A Clear Vegetable Capsule.

Contains No Known Allergens, No Sugar Or Gluten, No Artificial Flavours Or Preservatives.

Directions for Use:
Indications: Contributes To Normal Function Of The Immune System, Normal Collagen Formation, Protection Of Cells From Oxidative Stress, And Maintenance Of Good Health.

Recommended Use: Take 1 To 2 Capsules Per Day, Or As Recommended By A Healthcare Practitioner.

Capsules Per Container: 30

GMO Free
Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Suitable For Vegans And Vegetarians
Eco-Friendly Packaging

Hypersensitivity (Allergy) To Any Of The Ingredients.

Warnings And Special Precautions
Consult Your Healthcare Professional Before Use If You Have A Medical Condition Or If You Are Taking Prescription Medication, Including Warfarin.
For More Details, Please See Patient Information Leaflet. Disclaimer This Product Sheet (V.02/21) Is Intended For The Further Education Of Practitioners. Any Statements Made Do Not Intend To Claim A Cure For Any Condition Mentioned. This Unregistered Medicine Has Not Been Evaluated By Sahpra For Its Quality, Safety, Or Intended Use. This Health Supplement / Complementary Medicine Is Not Intended To Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Disease.

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