EARTHSAP - Dustbin & Outdoor Cleaner - 1litre

R 98.29

Vendor: GULL LAB CC SKU: 6009827790853

Earthsap dustbin and outdoor cleaner uses soap to loosen dirt, and microbials which release enzymes that breakdown dirt, fats and odorous compounds. It can be used for cleaning dustbins, and is especially effective at removing odours left behind from the breakdown of rubbish.


Spray directly onto surfaces needing to be cleaned. Use a scouring to loosen medium to hard dirt, and wipe clean with a cloth. Rinsing afterwards is not required, and for odour control it is better not to rinse.

Saponified coconut extract, Micro organisms, Sodium carbonate, Citric acid, Lavender, Aniseed, Citrus essential oils

Biodegradable, no toxic chemicals, artificial fragrances, safe for septic tanks.