BIOFLORA CC - Infantiforte Spray - 25ml

R 257.35

Vendor: VERHAKI (PTY) LTD SKU: 6009801730202

INFANTIFORTE Spray ® is indicated for the treatment of antibiotic-induced diarrhoea and other intestinal disorders in infants as well as for the restoration of the naturally occurring bifidobacterial flora in the infant’s intestinal tract.

This product is specifically formulated to adress and replenish the natural flora in infants, it should be used on a daily basis as prophylactic product to replenish the natural occurring flora/probiotics in your GIT(Gastro Intestinal tract). This product only contains Bifidobacterium infantis, this is the predominant strain needed for infants untill they go onto a solid food diëet when the ecology of flora will then change.