SONTAL - Peptan Collagen Pure 300g

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Sontal Pure Bioactive Peptan Hydrolysed Collagen Type 1 Peptides, The Bioactive Ingredient For Rejuvenation And Hydration Of The Skin And Body. Supports Healthy Normal Bone And Improves Joint Mobility And Decreases Stiffness.
Research Has Confirmed How Collagen Peptides Help Strengthen And Rejuvenate The Deeper Skin Layers From Within, Maintaining The Cohesive And Dense Collagen Network That Is Key To Preventing Wrinkles And Sagging. Peptan Collagen Peptides Also Have A Significant Effect On Skin Hydration. Maintaining Well-Hydrated Skin Is Crucial For Smooth, Healthy-Looking Skin And Prevents The Formation Of Micro-Relief Wrinkles.
Benefits: Scientifically Proven Efficacy:
  • Improve Skin Moisture Level - Decreases Joint Pain
  • Improves Smoothness Of The Skin - Improves Joint Flexibility
  • Reducing The Number Of Micro Furrows - Improves Mobility
  • Prevent The Formation Of Deep Wrinkles - Increase Bone Density
  • Stimulates Endogenous Production Of Collagen - Improves Bone Flexibility
  • Stimulation Of Hyaluronic Acid (Gag) Synthesis - Reduces The Risk Of Fractures
  • Decreases Collagen Fragmentation
  • Increases Collagen Density Improving

    Attributes & Features
  • Pure Collagen Peptides
  • Peptan – Small Molecular Size < 2000 Da
  • 100 mg Tr-Peptides Per 10G Collagen Serving
  • No Additives
  • GMO-Free
  • Unflavoured

Directions for Use:
Serving Size: 10 G - Typically 10G Of Peptan = 9.7 G Of Collagen Peptides


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