SOARING FREE SUPERFOODS - Cacao Butter, Organic, Raw 200g

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Yes, chocolate is good for you! But only in its raw state - unheated, NO trans fats, NO sugars, NO dairy. Try this natural Cacao Butter as an alternative to coconut oil. It is super versatile, gives food a rich & creamy aroma & can help you make your own home made chocolates. Cacao, when raw, is in fact the highest antioxidant superfood known to man.

Cacao Butter is ...
Great for baked goods, savory or sweet treats.
An amazing soothing chewy for teething babies.

How to use Raw Cacao Butter:
Cacao Butter is the good fat or oil content of the Cacao Bean which has been cold pressed out of the bean.
It allows one to make hard-set chocolates and can also be used as an amazing skin moisturiser!