PMR NUTRITION - Kill-a-Germ - 60 Capsules

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Kill-a-Germ is a multicomponent product which assists the body in its fight against most kinds of viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. For use against pathogens take 2 caps per day then leave for 21 days and repeat the course. Do a pathogen cleanse at least once a year. In acute viral infections increase the frequency of the dose. If symptoms persist consult your Health Care Practitioner.



Active Ingredients per Daily Dose:

Pau d’Arc ext (4:1), Olive Leave ext (4:1), Echinacea ext (4:1), Wormwood ext (4:1), Clove powder, Black Walnut, Garlic powder (4:1), Grapefruit seed ext (5:1), Green tea ext (5:1) and NAC (n-acetyl L-cysteine).


Kill-a-Germ is a multi component product which assists the body in its fight against most kinds of virusesfungibacteria and parasites. Part of the function of Kill-a-Germ is to assist with the improvement of the function of the white blood cells, which lead to the activation of the killer ability of the TLymphocytesKill-a-Germ may also enhance the immune system and could assist in the fight against Viral and Bacterial Allergies.    The beneficial effect of Kill-a-Germ is too wide to list. (Please refer to studies that were done on individual herbs). The following list is at no means complete but could give some idea of the health benefits of the herbs that was used in this product. Kill-a-Germ may help with the body’s natural ability to fight or kill Detrimental Bacteria including StaphylococcusStreptococcusBlood poisoning and Bacteria causing DiarrheaVomitingFood PoisoningWhooping Cough and many more. On the Viral side Kill-a-Germ could assist with the Fight against Influenza, Hepatitis, Herpes, common Cold, Papilomas (Warts) and Malaria to mentioned but a few. Kill-a-Germ may also be effective in the treatment of Fungi such as CandidaKill-a-Germ may also assist the body to rid itself from Intestinal Parasites.