PMR NUTRITION - CMP - 90 Capsules

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CMP is a unique calcium formula with high quality products to assure best absorption. This formula contains all three of the most abundant macro minerals for optimum cell and bone health. CMP has all the necessary minerals and herbs to ensure best absorption.


Active ingredients per daily dose

Calcium (combination)


Magnesium (combination)










Vit D3


Vit K2




Horsetail (Silicea)



Calcium supplementation is for more complicated than choosing the cheapest form of calcium in your local pharmacy. First of all you need to look at the Quality, Absorption and Toxicity of the type of calcium you want to supplement. The Second step is to look at the Formulation, because certain Calcium formulations could cause certain deficiencies. Thirdly you have to look at your diet and dispel some Myths about your calcium and Calcium intake.

Step One (Quality/Absorption/Toxins):
There are many forms of Calcium but not all of them are good Calcium’s. to start of with the cheapest Calcium on the market is Calcium carbonate the problem with this calcium is that if there is low stomach acids (as is the case in more than 40% of the population) the absorption of this Calcium is about 4% when the acid is good the absorption rate is just over 20%. If you have used a Calcium Citrate you get an absorption of nearly 50% then there are other Calcium forms that is even 180% better absorbed than calcium Citrate. Look out for a good Calcium combination that could give you an absorption of 80% plus. The wrong Calcium could cause calcium oxalate kidney stones, something the right Calcium could help to reduce. Calcium oxalate kidney stones formation was prevalent in more than 90% of subjects using the wrong kind of Calcium. This wrong form of Calcium can also play a major role arterial pelage formation (Arteriosclerosis). Lead in the wrong and cheap form of Calcium has substantial higher levels.

Step two (Formulation)
Make sure that your formula has the right combination. We know now that the right form of Calcium is a necessity. The ratio of Calcium magnesium is also very important. If there are two much Calcium it may inhibit the absorption of Magnesium. The right ratio should be 2 parts of the right Calcium to one part magnesium. It will be best to have Ipriflavone in the formulation because it almost doubles the Calcium absorption to the bone structure. Ipriflavone plays a major role in containing the Calcium in the bone it also protects the bones from loss of Calcium. Ipriflavone also promote the repair of fractures. Vitamin D is important for the enhancement of Calcium absorption in the intestine. Boron is needed to activate Vitamin D it also plays a major role in controlling kidney stone formation. Silicon promotes bone mineralization. Zinc is important to regulate the secretion of calcitonin which is important in preventing osteoporosis. Copper is important for healthy bones. Vitamin K enhances bone density. All of these vitamins and minerals play a role in preventing bone loss and increase bone health.

Step 3 (change your diet and lifestyle):
Increased sugar intake is directly linked to low bone density. Sugar increases the secretion of Calcium from the bone. Remember that refined carbohydrates are just another form of sugar. Stay away from too much salt, caffeine; alcohol and nicotine also promote the excretion of Calcium out of the bone structure. Soft drinks are also high in phosphorus which is indicated in the fact that young women nowadays get osteoporoses at a much younger age. Soft drinks are not the only products with high phosphorus, process meat, fish and dairy are also high phosphorus. High acidity levels also cause the secretion of Calcium out of the bone structure.