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ADR Plus is a unique formula with vitamins, minerals and herbs to naturally assist the adrenal glands for optimal functioning. The adrenals play a role in the regulation of insulin, weight loss, stress and fatigue reduction. The major organs of the body like liver, kidneys, colon, thyroid, and hypothalamus are affected by ineffective adrenals. High stress levels negatively affects the adrenals.


The 3 new herbs that was incorporated into this formulation may assist the body with even better adrenal energy production, recovery of the adrenal gland and all the function of the adrenal gland such as colon irritations, bone healing, stress memory learning ability, anxiety and even obesity (truncal obesity) to name but a few.

Product Formulation

Vitamin B 5


Ginseng Complex in ext equal to ( Panax/Siberian/Aswaganda)

Liquorice ext (4:1) equal to

Rhodiola ext

Cissus Q

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B1



General Information

According to research from the American Institute for Stress 75 to 90% of all visits to the Dr’s office are related to stress related disorders especially long term stress.
There are major live stressors like: Divorce, Death of a family member, poverty, not happy at your work place, long term illness.
Then there are daily life stressors like: Tension in the family, trying to meet your needs financially, noise, traffic congestion, isolation and danger to mention a few.

There are four categories of stress

  1. Physical Stress – Injuries, pain, Infections, viruses and many more
  2. Emotional Stress- anger, stress, fear, depression, family problems to mention but a few.
  3. Chemical Stress – excessive use of sugar, coffee, alcohol, cigarette smoking and many more
  4. Thermal Stress – Hypothermia and heatstroke to mention a few.

A study from DR Hans Eysenck showed that long term stress is “6 times more predictive of cancer and heart disease than cigarette smoke, high cholesterol, and elevated blood pressure.

Stress lead to illnesses such as Heart problems, Skin problems, Gastric and intestinal problems, Auto immune diseases, Immune disorders, Pain and Inflammation.

When these kind of symptoms persists, it depletes the adrenal glands. When the adrenal glands are depleted the body tends to go into a negative spiral.

This negative spiral cause a reaction where the body goes into a resistance phase causing symptoms like: obesity of the mid section of the body, elevated blood pressure, weakness, pre diabetes, menstrual problems, stretch marks in the abdominal area, sex hormone difficulty, memory loss, depression and osteoporosis.

If these symptoms are not treated, the body move into the exhaustion or burnout phase which leads to a brake dawn of the body and can cause symptoms like: feeling extremely tired for prolong periods of time, low blood sugar, memory loss, fat gain, digestion problems, loss of sex drive, allergies that persists and a feeling of being stuck.

ADR Plus was uniquely formulated to help the body to recover from fatigue and burnout. ADR Plus is recommended as a basic product to assist the other natural products to alleviate symptoms. When people are using any products to assist in any of the symptoms but don’t get any results we suggest to use ADR Plus as a basis on which to build your supplementation. In most cases a formula like ADR Plus are more beneficial than a multivitamin. So when you have multiple symptoms and cannot seem to find the cause or you get only small or moderate results in the treatment there of this is the product that might bring the change you need.

In conclusion

When you are faced with multiple symptoms like:

  • Unexplained and persistent fatigue
  • Tiredness not alleviated by rest
  • Reduction in social, occupational and or personal activity
  • Short term memory loss
  • Sore throat
  • Tender lymph nodes
  • Muscle pain
  • Multiple joint pain
  • Difficult waking up in the morning
  • Feeling very tired from 3 o clock in the afternoon
  • Headaches
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Depression
  • Pain for no apparent reason
  • Allergies and chemical sensitivities
  • Recurrent infections
  • Digestion disturbances
  • PMS
  • Cystitis
  • Difficulty to get going for the first 3 hours after awakening

These symptoms are all signs to point you to the real cause of your problem.

This product can also be use for tiredness mild stress and energy gain even if none of the above symptoms occur.

Scientific information about ADR Plus ingredients

Vitamin B5

Pantothenic Acid (Vit B5) plays a major role in the manufacturing of coenzyme A (Co A) and Acyl carrier protein (ACP), these has a critical role to play in the process of converting carbohydrates and fats into energy, red blood cells and adrenal hormones.

Adrenal insufficiency could occur due to a Vit B5 deficiency.

One of the first signs of a Vit B5 deficiency is a lack of energy. Vit B5 is also useful in the treatment of Allergies, cholesterol, hair condition and hair loss, Lethargy, Obesity, Stamina, Irritability, skin problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis and wound healing.


Magnesium is useful in so many applications from foot odor to inflammation to bone growth and many more. Magnesium is also participating in more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. We will only mention the benefits of magnesium for this products application.

Magnesium may improve energy due to its role in the ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate) process.

Magnesium may also alleviate Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Ginseng and herbal Complex

Assist the body in fighting fungal infections. It may also help to regulating blood sugar levels, ADD, ADHD, improving learning ability, improve memory, counteract toxic affect of stress toxins, nervousness, increase sexual desire and performance, increase red blood cells, helps fight against cancer, improve energy, reduce anxiety and nervous problems, attention span, endurance, bowl problems, inflammation, allergies, Pharyngitis and certain skin problems.

Vitamin B1 and B3

May assist in symptoms like heart problems, formation of red blood cells, Chronic fatigue syndrome, energy, adrenal insufficient