SSA CORE SERIES - Whey Extreme 1.8Kg - Chocolate Mousse

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After many attempts at creating the best protein blend possible, we’ve landed on a formula that delivers on both quality and taste.  Carefully formulated, SSA’s Whey Extreme with 21g of protein per serving, offers you a superior product while maintaining affordability. It’s a blend of proteins that results in both a fast and medium release of amino acids beneficial to muscle repair and recovery. Its protein-to-carb ratio of 2:1 makes it the ideal protein for any athlete seeking to build or maintain lean quality muscle. More than just an average protein drink, Whey Extreme also includes L-Glycine, Taurine and ZMB-6 to further increase muscle repair and naturally increase testosterone levels. 



Whey Protein Concentrate is easily digested and absorbed by the body

ZMB-6 helps with the maintenance of normal testosterone levels
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Directions for Use:
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Allergens & Warnings 

Contains: Cow’s Milk, Soy Protein. This product is produced in a facility that processes Eggs, Dairy and Soy.

Seek Advice From A Health Care Professional Before Use If You Have Any Pre-Existing Medical Condition. Do Not Use If You Are Pregnant Or Nursing, Or If You Are Being Treated For Heart Disease Or High Blood Pressure. Should Not Be Used In Conjunction With Any Prescription Medication, Including Mao Inhibitors, Stimulants, Or Anti-Depressants. Discontinue Use And Consult Your Doctor If Any Adverse Reactions Occur. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

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