METAGENICS - D3 Liquid - 20ml

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Get the vitamin D you may be missing and in the form your body prefers.

Vitamin D plays several important roles in the body, which is why maintaining adequate levels through diet, sun exposure or supplementation is critical for optimal health. Vitamin D supports:
• Bone Density
• Healthy Muscle Function
• Heart & Circulatory Health
• Brain & Nervous System Health
• Balanced Immune System Activity
• Overall Health

Bone Density:

Vitamin D helps to improve your body's absorption of calcium and is therefore important in maintaining healthy bone density. Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with bone pain, lower back pain andan increased risk of fractures, especially amongst older women. Therefore supplementation may be a good strategy for helping to reduce the risk of fractures and to protect bone mass.

Healthy Muscle Function:

The causes of muscle pain are often dicult to pinpoint. Vitamin D deficiency may be a potential cause of muscle pain amongst children and adults due to the interaction between vitamin D and the nerve cells that sense pain. High-dose vitamin D may help to reduce various types of pain in those who are deficient.

Immune Health:

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in supporting a healthy immune system as it interacts with the immune cells that are responsible for fi­ghting off viruses and bacteria known to cause illnesses like colds, respiratory tract infections, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Energy & Vitality:

Vitamin D may help improve energy levels as excessive fatigue may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency, which is often overlooked as a potential cause.


Vitamin D helps to support a healthy mood. Deficiency has been linked to depression, especially amongst older adults


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