MEDICO HERBS - Nerve Strengthening Spray 50ml

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Natural Nerve Nourishment Nerve Strengthener Has Also Been Traditionally Used For Tiredness And Physically Pricking Of The Nervous System.

Just A Quick Spray!! So Easy To Use And So Effective!!

Our Herbal Tinctures Are Designed To Enter The Bloodstream Through The Soft Tissues Of The Mouth, This Ensure Effectiveness And A Much Quicker Result Than Tablets Is Guaranteed.

Herbal Ingredients
Avena Sativa, Goldenseal, Gentian, Vervain, Yellow Dock, Dandelion Root, Sutherlandia, Valerian, Sceletium, Griffonia, Withania & Peppermint.

Directions for Use:
Shake Before Use. 2 - 3 Squirts Into Mouth 3 - 8 Times Per Day. 2 Squirts Before Bedtime Will Help Induce Natural Sleep With No Side Effects May Be Taken With Fruit Juice, Herbal Tea, Or Water. Formulated By A Qualified Registered Herbalist.

Consult Your Physician If Pregnant, Lactating, Or Being Treated For Any Chronic Illness.

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