VII.V SEVENPOINTFIVE - Z!Ng 90 Capsules – Mind And Body Enhancer

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Sharper Body, Sharper Mind. Research Has Shown A Link Between The Body's Glucose Management, Body Fat And Mental Acuity.

Zing Is A Multifunctional Nutritional Supplement That Works On The Mind And The Body. It Helps Burn Fat And Prevents The Body Storing Carbohydrates As Fat. This Helps Prevent High Blood Glucose Levels Which Has Been Linked To Dementia And Memory Loss.

What Is In Sevenpointfive Zing?
Acai – Contains Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Proteins And Plant Sterols. Because Of Its Rich Content Of Anthocyanin, Acai Imparts Important Health Benefits Such As Reduced Risk Or Prevention Of Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Inflammation, Heart And Vascular Disease, Alzheimer's Disease And Other Types Of Neuro Degeneration, High Blood Cholesterol, Stroke, Bacterial Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Age-Related Visual Deterioration And Premature Aging.
Svetol® – The Results Of A Clinical Study On The Effectiveness Of Svetol Show That Svetol Significantly Increases The Lean Mass To Fat Mass Ratio. Which Means That Your Body Is Burning Fat, Bringing Firmness To Your Body. Sedol's Beauty Effect Helps You To Rediscover Your Svelte Figure. During The Study Two Groups Of Volunteers Where Given Either Svetol Or A Placebo. After 60 Days Of Supplementation, Participants Who Received Svetol Had Lost 5.7% Of Their Initial Weight, Corresponding To An Average Weight Loss Of 5 Kg. Other Benefits Of Svetol Include An Increase In The Effectiveness Of Pain Killers, Especially For Migraine Medications; A Reduction In The Risk Of Diabetes; And Assisting The Body Burn A Higher Proportion Of Lipids (Fats) Compared To Carbohydrates.

What Is Unique About Sevenpointfive Zing?
Research Has Shown That Elevated Blood Glucose Levels And Excess Fat, Particularly Belly Fat, Has Been Linked To Dementia, Foggy Thinking And Alzheimers Disease. Svetol Targets The Body's Fat, Helping The Body Use It For Energy Rather Than Carbohydrates. Also, Nutrients Containing High Levels Of Orac (Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity) Have Stopped Memory Loss And Reversed Motor Deficits. Acai Has 16 Times The Orac Of Red Grape Seed. The Combination Of These Two Ingredients Work Together To Maintain Blood Glucose Level And Repair Damage To The Brains Neural Pathways.

What Has Sevenpointfive Zing Been Used For?
Burn Fat
Balance Blood Glucose Levels
Repair Neural Pathways
Prevent Or Reverse Alzheimers Disease
Improve Memory Function
Increase Cognitive Clarity
Increase Oxygen Availability To Red Blood Cells


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Covid, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Fatigue & Exhaustion, Focus & Concentration, Stamina & Energy, Weight