DR AUER'S AAPO-SPA - Base Powder Food Supplement 150g

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What Is Drawer's Base Powder?
Dr. Auer Developed This Base Powder In Collaboration With A Pharmacist In Austria. It Is Manufactured From Selected Raw Materials And Is Under Constant Pharmaceutical Control. It Consists Of Substances That Have The Same Effect As Bases And It Has A Highly Effective Cleansing Effect On The Intestines, Whereby Attention Has Been Paid To A Holistic Medical Composition. Furthermore, Selenium Has Also Been Added In Chelated Form, Since About 80% Of The Population Does Not Obtain Enough Of This Trace Element. Dr. Auer's Base Powder Is Only Available In Containers With A Quantity Of 150G. A “Soluble Powder” Was Chosen Because Dissolved Base Mineral Substances Are Absorbed Better
Excessive Acid In The Stomach Can Be Neutralized Faster
The Product Is A Natural Remedy Therefore Could We Not Improve The Taste To Secure The Effectiveness Without The Use Of Colorants And Preservatives Dissolved Base Powder Gives A Feeling Of Fullness
The Dosage Of 7-8G Will Be In A Tablet Form To Big To Swallow

Dr Auer's Base Powder Is A Sodium Free Food Supplement Containing Selenium And Mannitol. Appearance: White Powder. Application: For Use As A Food Supplement. Quality: All Ingredients Are Food Or Pharma Quality. %RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance): Magnesuimhydrogeniumphosphate - 46.50. Mannitol Tricalciumphosphate - 86.00. Calciumcitrate - 10.50. Potassiumhydrogeniumcarbonate Magnesiumcitrate - 24.00. Potassiumcitrate. Lemon oil. Selenium-Chelate-Complex. Total Content: 150G.

Pack Size:
Total Content: 150G

Directions for Use:
Dosage: Dissolve 7-8G (1 Medium Heaped Teaspoon) Into A Glass Of Water. This Dosage Can Be Taken 1 To 3 Times Daily. Storage: Keep In A Cool, Dry & Dark Place.


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