A.VOGEL - Haemorrhoid Formula - 30 ml

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Haemorrhoid Drops



  • Silybum marianum, Hamamelis virginica, Nux vomica and Aesculus hippocastanum: are effective in the treatment of bleeding haemorrhoids.
  • Hamamelis virginica, Nux vomica and Wyethia: relieve the symptoms of itching haemorrhoids.
  • Melilotus officinale: aids in the treatment of eczema around the anus frequently associated with haemorrhoids.
  • Ginkgo biloba: counteracts poor circulation.
  • Silybum marianum and Nux vomica: counteract the impaired functioning of the liver, which is frequently associated with haemorrhoids.


A homeopathic medicine that assists in the treatment of haemorrhoids. Bleeding haemorrhoids, protruding haemorrhoids, painful congested haemorrhoids, constipation.



Adults and children over 12 years:
Take 10 drops on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water 4 times daily 15 minutes before meals. Discontinue once improvement occurs.

In acute/severe cases:
Take the relevant number of drops according to your/your child’s age hourly, gradually reducing frequency as improvement occurs, or as directed by your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare provider.




Homeopathic Clinical Indication*

Aesculus hippocastanum D1 (Horsechestnut)

Venous congestion and stasis in general specifically in the portal and haemorrrhoidal veins. Bleeding haemorrhoids, with sharp shooting pains up the back and back pain in general with prickling sensation in rectum and sensation of fullness, itching and burning.

Aloe socotrina D6 (Socotrine aloes)

Congestion of the portal venous system with large, external congested haemorrhoids protruding like a bunch of grapes with burning in the rectum.

Ginkgo biloba D2 (Ginkgo)

Remedy for conditions showing symptoms of congestion. Bleeding from anus after stools with associated itching, burning and moisture.

Hamamelis virginica D3 (Witch hazel)

Venous congestion, haemorrhages, varicose veins, and haemorrhoids, with bruised and sore sensations. Veins which become lax and engorged. Sore haemorrhoids which bleed profusely (dark passive bleeding without coagulation). Painful varicose veins and ulcers, major remedy for phlebitis.

Melilotus officinalis D4 (Sweet clover)

Circulatory congestion with pulsations and throbbing, flushing and redness and an important homeopathic remedy for bleeding tendency (bright red bleeding).

Nux vomica D6

Severe constipation with painful, congested haemorrhoids and fissures. Painful, blind haemorrhoids which itch after with ineffectual urging to stool.

Paeonia officinalis D3 (Paeony)

Haemorrhoids with itching and burning in the anus and/or anal fissures. Severe pain after stools lasting minutes to hours thereafter.

Sulfur D12

Haemorrhoids with intense, irresistible itching. Large, moist congested haemorrhoids.

Silybum marianum D2 (Milk thistle)

Remedy for pelvic congestion and liver disease with bleeding tendency linked to liver disease. Varicose veins and ulcers, with conditions of the liver and portal system. Bleeding piles or prolapse of rectum with burning pain in anus and rectum.