A.VOGEL - Sinuforce Tablets - 120 Tablets

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  • Luffa Opperculata D6 (Sponge Gourd/Purging Luffa): Catarrh’s of all kinds, Rhinitis, allergic and vasomotor, Rhinitis atrophicans, Common cold, Sinusitis, Hay fever.
  • Luffa assists in the treatment of the common cold and hay fever, it facilitates nasal respiration in nervous and allergic hay fever, acute nasal catarrh, and as auxiliary remedy for atrophic rhinitis.
  • Hydrastis Canadensis D6 (Golden Seal): Thick, viscid, ropy, yellowish white secretions, Protracted catarrh’s, Influenza with great secretion of mucous, Congestive rhinitis, Nasal ulcers.
  • Hydrastis is used for the treatment of mucosal suppuration.
  • Cinnabaris D8 (Cinnabar):, Sinusitis with offensive discharge, Pains shooting through the eyeball and around the eyeball, General painfulness of the skull and scalp.
  • Cinnabaris is used for the treatment of poly sinusitis with malodorous secretions.
  • Lemna Minor D3 (Duckweed): Atrophic rhinitis, Anosmia & hyposmia, Nasal polyps, Scabby, crusty, purulent and bloody nasal discharge, Offensive nasal discharge, Chronic sniffles.
  • Kalium Bichromicum D6 (Potassium Bichromicum): Viscid, ropy secretions from the mucous, Chronic catarrh of the nose and sinuses, Poly sinusitis, Anosmia.
  • Kalium bich is used for the treatment of mucosal inflammation of the respiratory passages.

A homeopathic medicine that assists in the treatment of sinusitis, sinus congestion, postnasal drip, rhinitis (due to colds and allergies), and nasal catarrh.



Adults and children over 12 years:
Take 10 drops or two tablets on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or the drops in a teaspoon of water 3-4 times daily 15 minutes before meals. Discontinue once improvement occurs.

Children 6-12 years:
Take 5 drops or one tablet on or directly under the tongue or the drops in a teaspoon of water 3-4 times daily 15 minutes before meals.

Children 2-6 years:
Take 2 drops on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water 4 times daily 15 minutes before meals.

In acute/severe cases:
Take the relevant number of drops/tablets according to your/your child’s age hourly, gradually reducing frequency as improvement occurs, or as directed by your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare provider.




Homeopathic Clinical Indication*

Cinnabaris D8 (Mercuric sulphide)

Sinusitis (specifically chronic frontal sinusitis) with pains which extend from the base of the nose outwards or up to the eyebrows (in the facial bones) with little mucous discharge from the front of the nose.

Hydrastis canadendis D6 (Goldenseal)

Sinusitis with excessive mucous production typically thick, yellow and stringy or ropy. An important remedy for colds leading to mucopurulent sinusitis and postnasal discharge with headache and pressure above the left eye.

Kalium bichromicum D6 (Potassium dichromate)

Inflammation of all sinuses including the ethmoid. Mucous discharge which is thick, sticky, yellow or yellow-green in colour and difficult to remove. Sinus pain, pressure and fullness at the base of the nose. Post-nasal drip, with a completely blocked nose and nasal sounding speech.

Lemna minor D3 (Duckweed)

Sinusitis and ongoing blocked nose, which is worse in cold, damp weather. Swelling inside the nasal passages with possible nasal polyps. Loss of smell with a thick postnasal drip or sinusitis with bad taste and bad breath.

Luffa operculata D6 (Looffa/Sponge cucumber)

Sinusitis with nasal polyps and rhinitis and a white or yellowish nasal mucous in the morning but clear during the day. The nose is blocked yet feels dry with crust formation. Sinusitis with frontal headaches causing mental dullness, fatigue and poor concentration.