UTU WONDERSALF BK - Ruba Pyn Herbal Massage Lotion 170ml

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This Unique Product With MSM, Arnica Combined With An Ancient Blend Of Herbal Essential Oils, May Not Only Assist In The Relief Of Arthritic Like Symptoms, But Will Also Play An An Important Role In Today Sports People's Needs.


MSM- Is A Bona Fide Anti-Inflammatory Agent & Impacts Every Inflammatory Sign, Like Redness, Pain, Heat, Swelling & Loss Of Function Of A Particular Body Part. MSM Has A Muscle-Relaxing Effect, That Reduces Muscle Spasm, It Also Relieves Chronic Headaches Related To Tension And Muscle Spasm.

Ginger- Anti-Inflammatory, Known To Reduce The Symptoms Of Arthritis.
Stimulate Poor Circulation.

Arnica- Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory For Muscle And Joints Helps To Reduce Pain Stiffness & Bruising.

Capsaicin- Anti-Inflammatory. Helps With Blood Circulation

Eucalyptus-Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory And Also A Decongestant To Relieve Bronchial Spasm.

Lavender- Has Analgesic Properties. Antiseptic And Promotes Healing.

Calendula- Acts As An Antiseptic And Helps For Minor Wounds & Skin Problems. Helps With Inflammation Of Skin & Also Works Well On Sprained Muscle Or Bruises. Helps To Lessen Swelling From Injury.

Aloevera- Excellent For Burns, Rashes And Helps To Promote Healing Of Skin Abrasions

Directions for Use:
Directions For Use:

Massage Lotion Well And Firmly On The Effected Areas.

For Best Results Use 2-4 Times Daily


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