SILVER GENESIS - Nano Silver Colloid - 2L

R 276.00

  • A pure natural hydrogel made from seaweed and plant extracts with a high concentration of positively charged silver ions. It has no chemicals and no synthetic preservatives, and is rich in skin nutrients.
  • An ideal first aid for all minor accidents & emergencies & general skin care, as it stimulates rapid healing of skin tissue and neutralises germs.
  • Can be used for insect bites, nappy rash, scratches, burns, sunburn, dry skin, eczema… almost every skin irritation you can think of!
  • Is a light and non-greasy gel, which is rapidly absorbed leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Ingredients: Colloidal silver. Lavender oil, Carrot oil, Seaweed extract and Aloe vera.


  • Spray directly onto the affected area and allow to dry.
  • Depending on the severity of the problem, one can do this ten or more times per day.
  • Spray immediately on burns to prevent infections, lower pain and promote faster healing with little or no scarring. (Note: A silver based dressing is now the standard medication for the treatment of severe burns in all major hospital burn centers throughout the world).
  • Electro Colloidal Silver can be applied directly to cuts, wounds, sores and insect bites to eliminate surface infections. In the case of an open wound or cut, spray it immediately right into the damaged tissue. Following that, spray it regularly on the dressing or band-aid pad to shorten healing time and reduce scarring.
  • Unlike many other antiseptics, Electro Colloidal Silver does not sting or burn and assists the surrounding tissues to promote rapid healing.