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What Is Rafaa®?

Rafaa® is a specialized mixture of live probiotics (good bacteria) and organic acids that our body desperately needs on a daily basis to keep itself healthy and energized. Rafaa® is specifically designed to help strengthen your immune system and regulate the pH balance in your body.

Your health (immune system) and energy levels directly correlate with how much good bacteria reside in your digestive system. An estimate of over 400 different types of good bacteria in our stomach are responsible for the digesting of foods and the manufacturing of various vitamin B's, which sustains us with energy.

We are supposed to naturally consume probiotics and organic acids within our daily diets, but due to the fact that most of our foods are treated for pests and insects, these good qualities in food has slowly faded away.

Due to the all the chemical toxins found in food, our bodies are unconsciously, slowly being poisoned. This causes the good bacteria in your stomach to die, which weakens your immune system, causing various health issues like infections and the flu.

Stress, bad eating habits and toxins in the body are some of the main reasons the good bacteria in vour system die. This causes an increase or bad bacteria and parasites to reside in your system, which can cause numerous health issues like constipation, tiredness, Arthri-tis, depression, muscle and head aches, etc.

Rafaa® is specifically designed to help address these issues and get to work immediately in the body after consumption due to the fact that the probiotics found in Rafaa® are in a live form, prior to most other probiotics found in capsule (spore) form.

Some of Rafaa®'s Qualities
Rafaa® is a:
Strong anti-oxidant
Strengthens the immune system
Helps to detox the body from heavy metals and toxins
Natural energy drink
Restores and regulates the pH balance in your system

Do You Need Rafaa®?
Are you currently using anti-biotics or used it recently?
Do you often get the flu or infections?
Are you struggling with food intolerances or food allergies?
Are you constipated or have diarrhoea?
Do you get heart burn or stomach cramps?
Are you depressed?
Do you wake up tired in the mornings?
Are you struggling with muscle aches, muscle spasms, sore joints or Arthritis?
Do you have a spastic colon?
Do your nails splinter or break easily?
Are you struggling with pimples or acne?
Do you have skin problems or eczema?
Do you have dry skin or dandruff?
Do you have asthma or breathing problems?
Do you nave sinus or sinus droo?
Do you have a constant craving for sweets or carbs?
Do vou get headaches or migraines?
Are you struggling to loose or gain weight?
Are you struggling with slow healing wounds?
Do you get vaginal discharge or urine way infections?
Are you using birth control pills for over a year?
Are you using hormone therapy or any hormone supplements?
Are vou struggling with a type of hormone problem like menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding. endometriosis, or anything similar?
Menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, sleeplessness, irritation, weight gain?
Water retention or high cholesterol?
Do you drink unfiltered tap water which contains chlorine and heave metals?
Does your diet contain high levels of sugar, bread, deep fried food and fizzy drinks?
If your answer was "yes" to any of the questions above, you are most probable suffering from an imbalance of too much bad bacteria in your system. Rafaa® may help to assist the body in restoring this imbalance.
Rafaa® Description Rafaa® is a brown liquid to be diluted with water or other liquid substances before con-sumption. Rafaa®'s colour and taste could vary from time to time, since Rafaa® is an organic product made from natural elements. Over time, the colour of Rafaa® can also darken and slightly change in taste, this is due to the fact that the good bacteria in Rafaa® grows

Orange Rafaa® Rafaa® with a hint of natural orange flavour, has the same benefits as Unfla-voured Rafaa®. Can be used orally or topically. Sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1liter

Directions for Use:
Rafaa® Dosage Instructions To ensure good health, it is recommended to use Rafaa® on a daily basis. Rafaa® can be used orally or topically by young and old. For Oral Use: Rafaa® can be taken once or twice daily and can be diluted with water, ice tea, fruit juice or cool drink to camouflage the taste. Do not use Rafaa® in conjunction with other medication. If on medication, first drink medication, wait 30 minutes and then drink ___29 For Topical Use: Apply either net or slightly diluted to the affected skin area twice to three times a day and leave to dry on the skin.

Is Rafaa® Safe?

During manufacturing, Rafaa® undergoes a series a quality control tests and lab analysis to ensure we alwavs give vou a quality product

Side Effects?

When using Rafaa® for the first time, it is possible to feel detoxing effects for the first few days, this could include mild headaches, nausea and muscle or joint aches. The reason for this is that your body is ridding itself from unwanted toxins and chemicals, but the feeling should pass within the first few days.