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Perfect Chocolate Replacement. Nutrient-Dense And Low In Calories Carob (Unsweetened) Is A Low-Calorie, Naturally Sweet Alternative To Chocolate. It Is Rich In Filling Fiber And Low In Fat. Fiber, The Indigestible Part Of Carbohydrate, Has Been Linked To A Healthier Weight, Improved Blood Sugar Control, And Reduced Cholesterol.

The Pods And Pulp Of Carob Are Edible, Naturally Sweet, And Highly Nutritious. Carob Often Replaces Chocolate In Recipes, Yielding A Lower Fat, Higher Fiber Product. Carob Is Also Caffeine- And Gluten-Free. It Is Often Used In Vegan Meal Plans Which Eschew Milk Chocolate. Carob And Locust Bean Gum (An Additive Derived From Carob) Can Be Used As Additives In Non-Food Products, Such As Cosmetics As Well As In Pet Foods.

Good Source Of Minerals
Carob Is A Non-Dairy Source Of Calcium. Two Tablespoons Contain About 4% Of The Daily Value Recommended For Calcium. Studies Show That Calcium-Rich Diets May Decrease The Risk Of Osteoporosis And Aid In Weight Management.

Carob Fruits Also Contain Important Minerals Including Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Nickel, Barium, And Cobalt.

Carob [Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Palm Kernel), Maltodextrin, Carob Powder, Soya Powder, Fructose, Soya Lecithin (E322), Emulsifier (E476) And Flavouring]

Please Note This Product Comes As Chunks Meant For Melting And Baking.

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