GAIA ORGANICS - Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Food Grade Dilution 500ml

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The Following Is For Information Purposes Only And Is Not To Offer A Cure Or Treat Any Ailment Of Any Kind. Consult Your Medical Practitioner If Unsure.

Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization Has Been Reported To Be Helpful In Preventing And Treating Respiratory Infections. The Information Below Is A Strict Guideline And Is For Information Purposes Only, And Is Not Intended To Treat Or Diagnose Any Illness Or Infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide [ 3% ] Dilution | Nebulising Guideline

For Nebulising: 5ml’S Of 3% (Already Diluted) Solution In A Humidifier/Steamer, Serving As An Atmospheric Sterilizing Oxygenator.

If You Have Undiluted 35% Food-Grade Concentrate, Use 1 Drop Of Hydrogen Peroxide In A 60ml Water/Saline Solution. Note That Adding 1-3 Drops Of Food-Grade H202 In A 250ml Glass Of Water Will Liberate The Body With Oxygen. No Bacteria Or Virus Can Live In An Environment That Is High In Oxygen.

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3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Directions for Use:
Recommended for Nebulising: 5ml’s Of 3% (Already Diluted) Solution In A Humidifier/Steamer, Serving As An Atmospheric Sterilizing Oxygenator.

This Product Is Volatile, Contains & Releases Oxygen Which Can Build Up In The Bottle If Not Released At Regular Intervals.
Warning: Never Consume Hydrogen Peroxide In An Undiluted State.
Keep Away From Children.
Avoid All And Any Direct Contact With The Eyes.
Avoid Direct Contact With The Skin (Hands/Fingers) Particularly In An Undiluted Form.
Nb: Storage – Avoid Any Direct Sunlight Storage. Store Upright In The Fridge.
Disclaimer: This Is Not Medicine And Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Prevent Disease, Or Replace The Advice Of A Licensed Health Care Practitioner. If You Have A Medical Condition, Are Pregnant, Lactating, Trying To Conceive, Or Taking Medication, Consult Your Health Care Practitioner Before Using Any Supplement.

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