GRENADE - Cookie Dough Protein Bar – 60gx1

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We’ve dropped some seriously chunky choc chips into our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Carb Killa® bar. Coated in a rich chocolate layer and sat on a bed of gooey caramel and cookie dough flavoured nougat, this high protein, low sugar snack is a great alternative to your favourite chocolate bar. Packed with 20g protein and just 1.9g sugar, it’s great healthier treat to keep you fuller for longer without compromising on flavour!


Why Grenade?
- Our Chocolate Protein Bar Is The Ultimate High Protein Snack. Available In A Range Of Flavours, From Classic Caramel Chaos And White Chocolate Cookie To The Famous Birthday Cake And Decadent Dark Chocolate Mint, You ll Be Spoilt For Choice.
- They’re The Perfect Way To Curb Those Sugar Cravings While Also Providing A Punch Of Protein. Made Using A Specially Selected Baking Process, Grenade High Protein, Low Sugar Bars Offer Exceptional Taste.

How. When. Why.

Are Protein Bars Good For You?
- A Protein Bar Can Be A Healthier Alternative To Chocolate Bars, Offering Additional Nutrition. When Eaten In Moderation, They Can Be A Great Addition To A Healthy, Balanced Diet And Can Help You To Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

When Should I Eat A Protein Bar?
- You Can Eat A Protein Bar Whenever You Like! They Work Well As A Post-Workout Snack To Aid Your Muscle Recovery Or Simply As A Healthier Alternative To A Chocolate Bar.
- Product Contains More Than 10g/100g Polyols: Excessive Consumption May Cause Laxative Effects.

What Do Protein Bars Do?
- Eating A Protein Bar Is An Easy Way To Increase Your Protein Intake. The Protein Bar Can Also Give You The Great Taste Of A Chocolate Bar But With Less Sugar, With Less Than 2g Per Bar. You Can Enjoy A Grenade Protein Bar As A Nutritious Snack Or They Can Help You To Achieve Your Muscle Building Goals, As They Are Packed With Up To 24g Of Protein Per Bar! Protein Also Leaves You Feeling Fuller For Longer, So You Can Consume Carb Killa Bars Alongside A Healthy Diet And Regular Exercise To Curb Those Cravings When You Are Trying To Lose Weight.

Are Grenade Bars Informed Sport Certified?
- Yes, Grenade Protein Chocolate Bars Have Gone Through The Informed Sport Testing Process And Are Widely Consumed By Professional Athletes And Military Personnel.

What's in the box
1 x Grenade High Protein, Low Sugar Bar, 1 x 60g - Cookie Dough