ALIVE LIFESTYLES - Alive Anti-Spike Protein Herbal Blend 100g

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Have You Been Vaccinated?

The Spike Protein In The Injection Has Been Known To Have Negative Side Effects.
To Help Your Body Recover From The Side Effects Of The ‘Jab’.
One Of The Products We Recommend Is:

Alive Anti-Spike Protein Herbal Blend.


  • White Pine Needle: White Pine Needle Contains Suramin And Shikimic Acid, Which Can Protect From The Spike Protein Shedding By Reducing The Risk Of Blood Clots. It's Also An Expectorant For Coughs And Works Well For Sore Throats.
  • Dandelion Leaf: The Leaf Of The Wonderful Dandelion Plant Has Spike Protein Blocking Capability And Anti-Platelet Action (Minimising Risk Of Blood Clots). It's Further Been Shown To Lower Blood Pressure And Boost The Immune System.
  • Fennel: The High Amount Of Shikimic Acid In Fennel Provides Anti- Platelet And Anti-Thrombogenic Effects. It's Also Fantastic For The Immune System And Offers Anti-Inflammatory Support.
  • Thyme: Thymol And Carvacrol - The Two Active Compounds In Thyme - Have Shown To Be Especially Aggressive Towards Viruses. Viruses Have A Type Of Allergic Reaction To These Oils And Die Quickly On Contact.

Directions for Use:
  • Pour One Cup Of Boiling Water Over 1 Tbsp Of Dried Herb
  • Steep For 10-15 Minutes
  • Drink 3 Times Per Day For Best Protection
  • Consult With Your Doctor When Pregnant Or Breastfeeding


More Info:
Store Below 25C In A Cool, Dry, Dark Place. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children