BEAUTY GEN - Naked Collagen + Plus 338g

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Our Simple Beauty Strategy Just Got Better.

We Believe In Not Only Sourcing The Right Ingredients, But The Best Ingredients Too – Worldwide. So We Fell Head Over Heels For Beauty Collagen® And Its Unrivalled Beauty Benefits. Sourced From Grass-Fed Cattle And Officially The Most Neutral Tasting And Smelling Collagen On The Market, Beauty Collagen® Reaches The Necessary Parts Of The Body Quickly, With Maximum Results.

What Really Makes A Quality Collagen Shine Is Carefully Selected Supporting Ingredients – In Proven Ratios. So We Combined 10 G Of Beauty Collagen® With 1000 mg Buffered Vitamin C And 1 Billion Cfu Heat-Stable Lactospore® Probiotics To Create Our Premium Collagen Supplement With Enhanced Beauty And Wellness Benefits.


10 G Pure Hydrolysed Beauty Collagen® (Type I, Bovine)
1000 mg Buffered Vitamin C
1 Billion Cfu Lactospore® Probiotics

Slows The Ageing Process By Enhancing Hair, Skin, Nails And Joint Health.
Improves Collagen Synthesis, Production And Density.
Reduces Wrinkle Appearance While Increasing Skin Hydration And Elasticity.
Targets Inflammation, Pigmentation, Hair Loss And Premature Ageing.
Strengthens The Immune System, Helping To Alleviate Skin Issues And Improve Overall Health.

More Detail On Our Ingredients:

Beauty Collagen®:

Promotes Plump, Wrinkle-Free, Smooth And Supple Skin While Strengthening Hair And Nails.
Promotes Healthy Joints, Bones And Muscles Too.
Optimised For High Bioavailability And Bioactivity, Quickly And Effectively Reaching The Parts Of The Body Where It Is Most Needed.
Improves Overall Collagen Density – Reducing Appearance Of Wrinkles And Cellulite, Strengthening Hair And Nails And Keeping Joints, Bones And Muscles Strong And Healthy.
Increases Skin Moisture – Stimulates The Production Of Hyaluronic Acid To Improve Skin Hydration.
Improves Skin Elasticity And Assists With Collagen Restructuring.
Neutral Taste And Odour – Suitable For Many Applications.
Buffered Vitamin C:

Essential For Optimal Collagen Synthesis.
Anti-Ageing And Immune Boosting Antioxidant.
Helps Prevent Skin Discolouration And Future Skin Damage.
Combats Hair Fall And Premature Greying.
Lactospore® Probiotics:

Heat-Stable Spore-Based Probiotics (You Can Add This To Your Hot Drinks And Food).
Promote A Healthy Gut And Immune System.
Alleviate Skin Issues And Hydrate The Skin.
Promote Thick, Shiny Hair.
Help Strengthen And Nourish Nails.

Directions for Use:
Serving Size - 1 Scoop

30 X 11.3G Servings


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