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Vendor: PROBIOTECH Green Cleaning Technology SKU: 600000001993
Bio-Washing P Powder Is A Powerful Laundry Wash And Degreaser And Requires No Softener And Is Ph Balanced. The Product Is Biodegradable And Made With Non-Toxic, Naturally Derived Ingredients. Built-In Spot Remover And Whitener. The Detergent Is Hypo-Allergenic And Free Of Fragrances, Dyes And Chlorine.

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Our Guarantees

Probiotics Are Allergy Free, Alcohol Free, Non-Toxic, Eco- Friendly, Biodegradable And Effective Against Biofilms.

Probiotech Products Are Completely Natural And Harmless To Humans, Animals And The Environment.

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What Are The Benefits Of Probiotech Products?
Scientifically Proven To Last Longer Than Commercial Cleaning Chemicals.
Disintegrates The Biofilm Layer Where Bacteria And Germs Like To Hide And Grow, Even After Using Chemical Cleaning Applications.
No Need To Wait For Hours Opposed To Using Chemical Clean Fogging Treatments. You Can Re-Enter The Premises After 15 Minutes.
Probiotech Products Are Biodegradable, Non-Toxic And Eco-Friendly.
Probiotics Ensure A Healthy And Safe Biological Balance Contributing To Your Health And Safety.
Our Products Work For Up To 72 Hours, Helping You And Growing Your Productivity By 20%.