NEOGENESIS HEALTH - Ortho-Flex - 30 Capsules

R 342.74


KollaGenI.V.X is an innovative eggshell membrane supplement that brings fast relief to people suffering from the stiffness, pain, inflammation and impaired mobility due to osteoarthritis and other joint health problems. Key Benefits:

  1. Alleviates everyday joint aches and pains
  2. Reduces joint discomfort
  3. Improves joint mobility, flexibility and function
  4. Promotes normal inflammatory response
  5. Provides antioxidants
  6. Provides joints with the building blocks needed to build cartilage
  7. Supports healthy joints
  8. Rapid results in 7-10days
  9. Only one capsule required per day
  10. Increases range of motion
  11. Reduces stiffness
  12. Improves skin quality
  13. Side-effect free
  14. Rich in bone building nutrients
  15. Supports healing of gut lining
  16. Relieves osteoarthritic pain

 What is KollaGenI.V.X.?  KollaGenI.V.X. collagen peptides support fibroblasts and chondrocytes found in cartilage, skin and other tissues where they produce collagen proteins that are used to maintain a structural framework for many tissues. 

KollaGenI.V.X HEM from eggshell membrane is made up of:

  • Collagen types I, V, X
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin

Collagen Types and functions:


  • Collagen type I supports supple, smooth skin, organs, cornea, tendons as well as healthy hair and nails.
  • Type V collagen is a fibrillar collagen found within the dermal/epidermal that helps forms numerous types of tissue, including bone matrix, corneal stroma, muscles, and various organs.
  • Type X collagen helps build articular cartilage and grow bone. This rare collagen is critical for maintaining strong, healthy joints.


Clinical Research Supports Product Efficacy

A 60-day human clinical trial found that 500 mgs daily of KollaGenI.V.X.HEM significantly reduced joint discomfort in three to seven days while improving range of motion and flexibility.1 The study also showed a normalizing of saliva pH which may reflect a reduction in systemic inflammation.2