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The Latest Combination Of Salvestrols
For Synergistic Effects
One Capsule Daily Dose
Extracted From Organically Grown Foods Including
Sweet Orange, Pumpkin Seed & Grape Seed
Salvestrols Are Contained In Various Fruits
And Vegetables. For Example, In Pumpkin,
Blackberries Or Oranges. It Is Important That The
Natural Products Have Not Been Treated With
Pesticides To Maintain The Salvestrol Content.
Prof. Dr. Dan Burk

Helps Fight And Prevent Disease
Supports Healthy Cell Function
Supports Healthy Ageing
Often Described As A “Natural Rescue System For The Body”, Salvestrols Are A New Class Of Natural Phytonutrients That Are Found In Plants And Naturally Eaten As Part Of A Healthy Diet.
  • Helps Fight And Prevent Disease
  • Supports Healthy Cell Function
Detailed Description
  • Salvestrols Cannot Be Made In The Body. They Have To Be Supplied Through Our Diet – And It Is Estimated That The Modern Diet Contains Only 10 To 20 % Of The Salvestrols That It Did 100 Years Ago. Even With A Solely Organic Eating Plan, There Is No Guarantee Of Adequate Levels, As Modern Farming Practices Have Depleted Many Fruit And Vegetable Varieties Of This Miraculous Compound.
    The Solution? Salvestrol® Platinum 2 000, Which Delivers A Healthy Dose (450 mg) Of Salvetrols From Sweet Orange Extract, Pumpkin Powder And Grape Seed Powder.

    A Proprietary Blend Of:

    Salvestrol 280 mg

    Extracted From Bitter Orange, Grape Extract, Blueberry Extract, Blackberry Extract.
    Other Ingredients Are Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Capsule Shell), Magnesium Stearate, And Rice Flour.

    Contains No Known Allergens, No Sugar Or Gluten, No, Artificial Flavours Or Preservatives.

    Directions for Use:
    Indications: Phytonutrient Concentrate For Wellbeing

    Recommended Use:

    Adults And Children Over 12 Years:

    Take 1 Capsule Twice Daily With Food Or As Recommended By Your Healthcare Practitioner.

    Capsules Per Container: 60

    GMO Free
    Gluten Free
    Sugar Free
    Suitable For Vegans And Vegetarians
    Eco-Friendly Packaging


    Hypersensitivity (Allergy) To Any Of The Ingredients.

    Warnings And Special Precautions:

    If You Are Taking Anticoagulant Or Antiplatelet Medicines Or Have A Bleeding Disorder, Consult Your Healthcare Practitioner Before Use.

    For More Details, Please See Patient Information Leaflet.

    Category D: Health Supplement

    This Unregistered Medicine Has Not Been Evaluated By The Sahpra For Its Quality, Safety Or Intended Use. Disclaimer This Product Sheet (V.02/21) Is Intended For The Further Education Of Practitioners. Any Statements Made Do Not Intend To Claim A Cure For Any Condition Mentioned.
    This Unregistered Medicine Has Not Been Evaluated By Sahpra For Its Quality, Safety, Or Intended Use. This Health Supplement / Complementary Medicine Is Not Intended To Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Disease.

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    60 Capsules